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Digital Interactive LED Floor

Interactive LED Floors are now available for hire in South Africa

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Introducing our Digital Interactive LED Floor, the latest innovation in event technology. This LED flooring solution is designed to create a digital, interactive high brightness LED floor area at your event, exhibition, activation, or reception area. With its high-impact visuals, this technology is an excellent way to showcase your brand and make a lasting impression on your guests.

what is Digital Interactive LED Flooring

The Digital Interactive LED Floor is a modular LED floor system that combines LED floor tiles of 500mm x 500mm dimensions per tile, providing a high brightness digital floor area. We offer a range of LED floor solutions to suit various application types. Our interactive LED floor solution uses a depth motion sensor to create interactive digital floor applications, experiences and games. Unlike standard interactive floors, this digital interactive floor does not use a projector.

USes cases of Digital Interactive LED Floor

Usage Cases

Our Digital Interactive LED Floor is perfect for events, parties, exhibitions, activations, and reception areas and has a number of popular usages: 

  • Digital and interactive logo floors or interactive digital fish ponds floors at events.

  • Interactive welcome LED tunnels at events.

  • interactive digital red carpet setups at entrances to events.

  •  A popular, fun attraction or game activity for kids at Christmas/Easter themed mall activations.

It creates a memorable experience for guests and customers as they walk over the digital display. It’s an excellent way to showcase your brand, display custom video content or welcome messages, and create interactive experiences and games that engage your audience.

specs and availability of Digital Interactive LED Floor

Specs and Availability

Our Digital Interactive LED Floor is available for hire in South Africa. We provide up to 20 square meters of LED floor area for hire usages for events, and any amount can be purchased for corporate usages. The LED floor tiles are waterproof, and small amounts of liquids can be spilled onto the floor. With a high load capacity, LED floor surfaces can hold heavy load capacity, making it possible to build expo stands or drive a car on top of the LED Floor area for a car exhibit.

If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your guests or customers, our Digital Interactive LED Floor is the perfect technology solution for your event. With its high brightness, waterproof, and high load capacity features, it’s an excellent way to showcase your brand, create engaging interactive experiences and games, and display custom video content. Contact us today for more information and hire details.

Pictures and videos of Digital Interactive LED Floor

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