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Air Digital Graffiti WalL

Air Digital Graffiti Wall - Interactive, Virtual & Digital Graffiti Wall for hire in south africa


Introducing the Air Digital Graffiti Wall, an interactive and innovative product that allows guests to create virtual graffiti on a digital wall. The Air Digital Graffiti wall in now available for hire/rent for your next event or activation in South Africa by Tech Hire. It uses infrared spray cans and a rear-projection screen setup, that allows guests to express their creativity and showcase their artistic talents in a fun and unique way. This product is perfect for events, activations, and brand promotions, allowing guests to engage with your brand and leave with a personalized keepsake.

what is the Air Digital Graffiti Wall

The Air Digital Graffiti Wall is a unique and exciting product that allows guests to create virtual graffiti on a digital wall. This interactive experience is operated with a rear projection screen, PC, projector, and infrared spray cans. The wall offers an interactive rear-projection panel that can be customized to any size, where guests can use an actual spray can with an infrared laser to spray on a digital surface. The can also acts as a mouse tool to choose colors or different sprays. No actual spray comes out of the can, but on the screen, you can paint as you usually would to create digital masterpieces.

The software offers different drawing techniques to enhance the authentic graffiti experience with features like virtual stencils, stamps, drawing effects, and even a realistic dripping sound effect. Air Digital Graffiti Wall also includes a selection of pre-defined backgrounds and photo overlays, offering the ability to add personal branding and logo designs for giveaways, promotions, and advertising.

USes cases of Air Digital Graffiti Wall

Usage Cases

The Air Digital Graffiti Wall is a great addition to any event or party, providing a unique and interactive experience for guests. It’s perfect for customers who want to showcase their creative side or professional artists who can create artwork live in front of the audience. Additionally, it’s a great tool for brands to promote their products or services with personalized branding and logo designs.

specs and availability of Air Digital Graffiti Wall

Specs and Availability

The Air Digital Graffiti Wall is a versatile and customizable product that is available for hire in South Africa. It comes equipped with a rear projection screen, PC, projector, and infrared spray cans, and can be adjusted to fit any event’s requirements. After creating a digital masterpiece, guests can choose to store, email, or print their artwork on color glossy photo paper with the client’s logo in the corner of the photo.

To take the Air Digital Graffiti Wall to the next level, we offer a DSLR camera and greenscreen setup that allows guests to take photos and have them instantly projected onto the graffiti wall. With this feature, guests can personalize their photos by adding cutouts, clip art, and color overlays before printing them out as glossy photo prints with the client’s branding. In addition, the graffiti wall can be used to decorate products like cars, with guests having the option to color in and decorate an outline of the product using the digital spray cans. The Air Digital Graffiti Wall can also be used as a selfie booth, allowing guests to add graffiti and clip art to their photos before printing them out.

The Air Digital Graffiti Wall is an innovative product that provides guests with a unique and unforgettable experience. Our team is dedicated to helping you create an engaging and interactive event for your guests. Contact us for more information on availability and hiring options.

Pictures and videos of the Air Digital Graffiti Wall